About Us

Having some of life’s little emergencies? Do sudden, unexpected expenses seem impossible? Let Cash Loans Today help you over the rough spots! We offer several cash solutions to suit your particular needs and deliver results the same day.

To qualify for Cash loans today you must meet our basic requirements. You must be a US Citizen and be at least 18 years of age. You must also maintain a fixed monthly income, hold an active bank account, and then submit an application.

The application process is simple, quick, hassle-free and only available online. You can choose from our family of loans which includes: Fast Cash Loans, Cash Loans Today, Cash Loans Advance, Instant Unsecured Loans, Fast Payday Cash, and Cash Until Payday Loans. These are all short term loans that range from $100 to $1,500 with each loan offering different features, so there’s a loan for everyone, depending on your individual needs.

Once the application is completed and submitted online, you receive immediate notification of eligibility. Approval can be made quickly because we eliminate the need for you to pledge collateral. So you don’t need to be a homeowner. We also do not rely on credit checks, speeding the process even further.

It costs nothing to try it today! The application process is totally free and can be cancelled by you at any time. There is no obligation until you accept a loan. So take a minute and see if we can help you smooth out some of the rough patches that crop up.